horse tragedy.

As I was walking to the subway along Central Park South, I stumbled upon this unfortunate scene. Apparently someone banging on a drum spooked a horse, causing it to run into traffic. The horse in the picture above eventually died, and one other horse was also injured in the fray. It’ll be interesting to see the effects this will have on the carriage tourism industry.

In any case, I’ll be heading out to Coney Island tomorrow, even though I’m pretty sure Astroland isn’t going to be open. I’ve heard rumors that its going to be operating next summer, but nothing concerning the redevelopment seems certain at this point. I can only hope that it doens’t become a row of condos and casinos, which would ultimately disneyfy/manhattanize the unique character of the neighborhood.

I’ll be working on the some of the sections of the blog tomorrow, so I apologize in advance if certain things seem out of place or incomplete. Everything should be working properly by tomorrow night.


4 Responses to “horse tragedy.”

  1. That’s a horrible story. Can’t the cops just use motorcycles? I hate to see innocent animals getting injured and killed because people aren’t aware of their actions on others. I noticed recently the plight of Coney Island on the net. It sounded like the guy who sold it wanted the money and for it to not be developed at the same time. He should have remained the owner! Many people care only for the money to be made from a property, not the historical signifigance of an area or attraction. Ce la vie!!!

  2. I like the editioral feel to this shot. That must have been a bitch draging the horse into the vehical. I could only imagine the reaction from the person whom was driving the car hit the horse expecially them NY drivers haha. Out of curousity was it a patrol cop horse if so was he actually on it at the time?


    It’s actually the second time something like this has happened to a carriage horse in the past year.

  4. In way I want to say, “What a great shot! How lucky for you that this happened!” This is a very journalistic shot.

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