It’s been quite some time since I’ve written here. Six days of work every week doesn’t leave much time or energy for photography. On Wednesday, I went on a trip to the Marlboro State Hospital in Marlboro, New Jersey. Most of my pictures didn’t turn out too well because of the terrible lighting, coupled with the fact that I didn’t bring my tripod. It’s rather difficult to navigate tunnels, hallways, and other areas in complete darkness while carrying an unnecessary amount of equipment. The facility itself consists of about 80 buildings, most of them being sheds and smaller warehouses. There is one main hospital building which is connected by a tunnel network to patient buildings, a powerhouse, and a nursing residence. The picture posted above is of an abandoned service road that leads into the complex.


2 Responses to “Return.”

  1. Hi there …

    I am facinated by this old hospital and would like to see the pictures you have taken. Please send or post them. Thanks.


  2. the way long home…

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