I Spy.

So, the past week I haven’t had much time to take any pictures or do anything fun for that matter. Last Wednesday, the hard drive on my Mac crashed. Luckily, I was able to back everything up on my external hard drive, but it was a very close call. I went to the Apple store on Thursday and they fixed it by Friday afternoon. It seemed like everything was fine – I copied all of my files from my external back to my computer, and I began to work on organizing my pictures on iPhoto (since the crash, I am no longer the proud owner of photoshop). On Saturday I became a tourist and went to the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t get too many shots there, but later in the day I went to the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine with my friend, Steph. After I got home on Saturday night, I went back to work on my photo library, but my hard drive crashed again. So I went back to Apple store on Sunday in the pouring rain, came home, and went back to pick it up on the same day. Everything seems to be working fine now – I downloaded a trial version of Aperture and I’ve been playing with that for the past few days. I’m thinking about getting CS3 when it comes out because i realized I can get an $800 academic discount through the online Apple store. I’m locking myself in the library the next two days, so I don’t envision myself taking any pictures until Friday at the earliest. Maybe I’ll update with some older stuff until then.


2 Responses to “I Spy.”

  1. Sorry to hear of your misfortunes Sean. I hope everything works out for you with your hard drive. I had a similar situation a little over a year ago. I had enough warning to back everything up to an external drive just before it crashed for good.

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